When I realized in 2012 that I needed to make some big changes in my life due to a rather sudden change in my health, I was incredibly overwhelmed, especially because I thought I was already living a healthy lifestyle. There was an exceedingly large volume of resources available to me (I know you know what I’m talking about) and so much of it seemed conflicting (Right?!). It was like a full-time job trying to sort through the information. Trying to find the right fit on paper was also extremely different than actually trying it out on me. And there is nobody who will be able to tell you exactly what’s right for you without your own experimentation, BUT having the right guidance, support and accountability when you undertake these changes will make a world of difference!

That’s where I come in…

I want to make your path a little smoother, a little less twisty… I can’t promise to remove all the bumps and turns because it is through those experiences that we learn and grow. But I can help you if:

You're ready for more, ready to bring in the new, ready for change;

You want to embrace fresh ways of doing things;

You want to feel secure and empowered in advocating for your own needs;

You want to feel confident engaging your healthcare community and using them for your highest advantage;

You want responsive care;

You want your care to fully resonate with you;

You’re ready to take a supported approach to find what works for YOU;

You want to discover what a thriving and vibrant life looks like for YOU;

You are ready to break free from social expectations, norms, and untruths so you can truly be YOU!

How it Works

Free Discovery Session:

Let’s get to know one another a little bit! Tell me more about you, your hopes, needs and desires and let’s determine if we are the right match! First, I’ll have you complete a short pre-session questionnaire to help guide our time. {15-20 minutes- free}

Individualized Coaching:

Now that we’ve mutually determined we are a good fit, our partnership together will start by you completing my intake form so I can learn even more about you, your health challenges, and your primary goals.

Our initial session will be done via video-conferencing or phone, and will last up to 60 minutes.

During this time, we will address the information you’ve provided me on the intake form and we will determine the best package of services for you. Often my clients start with a 6 to 12 week package. With this initial call we will also begin to formulate your individualized plan. These sessions are all about YOU!

Packages Include:

1:1 Coaching Calls

These calls will be your time to share to your successes, challenges and needs, and to ask questions.

Email & Text Support

Between coaching calls you can use email or text to ask questions that may come up. I'll respond in a timely manner.

Follow-up Emails

A post-session follow up form will ensure the action plan is clear and in writing, and that no further questions remain.


Throughout our time together I may share with you links to additional resources for reading, tools, recipes, etc., as needed.

Group Coaching:

At various times I run small group coaching sessions. If you’re interested in learning more and want to be notified when the next session is available for enrollment, please contact me to be added to the waiting list. Also, join my email list to get the information first!