The All-New Patented I-Shade

Are you challenged with having to deal with the glare of the sun in your eyes when it is low on the horizon in the early morning and late afternoon even though you’re wearing a ball cap? The visor of the ball cap works great when the sun is high up in the sky but not so during the 2 hour time window when sun rises in the morning or sets in the evening.

Maybe you’re taking part in your favorite activity like hunting, fishing or golfing or watching your favorite outdoor sport. If you’re like me, you want to have your hands free to hold your beverage or eat a hot dog instead of using your hand to block the sun that comes under your cap visor.

I have invented a revolutionary product that solves this problem and allows you to free-up your hands. This device is designed to attach to the visor of your ball cap to block the sun’s glare from getting under the curve of the visor and in your eyes.


When the sun is high in the sky, the I-Shade conveniently folds under itself on top of the visor. Or it can be removed and stored in your pocket.


The I-Shade comes in many different solid colors or patterns. You will surely find one to match your favorite ball cap.


The I-Shade clips on sturdy to the visor without damaging or leaving marks, and stretches to fits all different sizes of ball caps.


The I-Shade is the perfect gift for any occasion. Corporate events, birthdays, stocking stuffers, incentive prizes and more!

A demo by the I-shade inventor

Mark Abell explains how easy the patented I-Shade is to use and the benefits of it.

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